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Holdings Tank

Everything you need to know about managing your shares, cryptos and other assets

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What is a Ticker and how does it work in Holdings Tank?Tickers and exchanges available and how it relate to shares and cryptos.
How do I add my shares and crypto trades?A few simple steps to add or edit any asset types in seconds to monitor your whole investment portfolio in one place!
How do I import shares and crypto trades in bulk?Got lots of trades? You can create a template and import multiple trades into TaxTank in bulk.
How do I sell a share, crypto or other asset?Sell all or part holdings for any asset in Holdings Tank and we'll auto calculate the capital gain or losses.
How to edit a buyWe show you how easy it is to edit or delete a buy in Holdings Tank
How do I create a Ticker and add unlisted assets?How to create custom tickers and add any asset of any kind in Holdings Tank.
How do I update the Market Value of an unlisted asset?From the ticker tab update market values whenever you need in seconds
How often is the market value updated in Holdings Tank?We pull live market values for listed stocks, shares, ETF's and cryptocurrencies.
Why do I need to convert my holdings to Australian Dollars (AUD)?When adding or selling stocks, shares or cyptos enter the AUD price.
What's the difference between 'Held in my name' and 'Held in other'?You can add assets in Holdings Tank held in your name, trusts or even companies.
How do I add incomes for my stocks, shares or cryptocurrencies?Manage dividends, interest, distributions or yields for staking to know you tax position all year round.
Can I Manage Dividend Re-investments, Bonus Share Issues and Share Splits in TaxTank? Is the Tax Report Free?What kind of extra functionality is available in the Holdings Tank to manage special offerings and company events that affect my shares?